Miguel-Aliaga LabGut Signalling and Metabolism


  • Ret in fly guts... and mouse organoids


    Our first fly + mouse paper is out in EMBO J. Unexpected roles for the Ret neurotrophic receptor outside neurons, in the intestinal epithelium. Great team effort in the lab and nice collaboration with Kim Jensen's lab. Thanks to Judith Eisen for her F1000Prime recommendation.


  • Workshop with Uemura lab


    Tadashi Uemura and lab stopped by on their way back from EDRC and we had a nice day together discussing ongoing work and future collaborations. Thanks to Kyoto Spirits travel grant for funding.

  • We love EMBO


    Alessandro is awarded an EMBO Long-Term Fellowship and Irene is elected to EMBO, both in the same week. Thank you EMBO!

  • Curr Biol interview

    Media coverage

    Irene has been interviewed by Current Biology. You can read the full interview here.

  • Dr Clare


    Clare successfully defended her thesis. Thanks to Andrea Brand and Marc Dionne for taking the time to read it and discuss it.