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  • Life Sciences Minister visit


    Life Sciences Minister George Freeman visits our fly room and finds out why Drosophila research is important.

  • Irene interviewed by J Cell Sci


    Read the article here.

  • Women Physiologists


    ‘To dine with ladies smelling of dog’ - Celebrating 100 years of women physiologists.

    To commemorate the day when - 100 years ago - the Physiological Society formally admitted women as members, a book has been published highlighting the achievements and contributions of 20th and 21st century women physiologists. Irene is one of them.


  • First CSC postdoc retreat


    Dafni co-organizes the first CSC postdoc retreat ever. Pioneer postdocs venture as far as the South Kensington Campus. Talks by Bruno and Jake and posters by Dafni and Esmeralda!

  • Does my gut look big in this?

    Media coverage

    Our work on reproductive resizing on the intestine is out in eLife and everyone is talking about it. Congratulations to Jake and former lab member Paola on a successful collaboration with the Dominguez and Yew labs

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